Hypnotherapy can help in the relieving of Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks and Removing Worries. It can replace all those Negative Thoughts with feeling Calm, Relaxed and Happy Thoughts. It can help you Find Peace of Mind from Within.
Hypnotherapy is used to get your sub-conscious mind to see what is causing your anxiety and depression. It will permit you to recall and review the unhappy experience that has been responsible for causing your anxiety and depression.
Even though it will be an unhappy, unpleasant experience you will remain calm and relaxed, and you will recall enough of that experience to enable you to understand what it had to do with causing your anxiety and depression.
Once you can see the cause you can then get rid of the effects that’s been caused by it. So then you will then be free from all the tension, all the anxiety, all the pain, all the stress, all the discomfort, suffering and all other problems that have been caused by that experience, because you won’t need them anymore and all the problems caused by the unhappy, unpleasant experience will fade away rapidly and be gone completely by the time you awaken from the hypnotic state.
The client awakes from the hypnotic state feeling that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders they are feeling happier than they have in years.
Some clients can see difference in their face when they look in a mirror before they leave me the colour has come back to their face, their face no longer looks ashen and the lines they had in their face seemed to have vanished as if by magic. And they have a feeling of wellbeing. £40 per session.