In order to understand the mechanics of hypnosis you must understand Coue’s Law. That’s it. Once you have grasped this principle every induction and technique you ever learn is of secondary importance. Why? Because Coue’s Law sums up not only how the mind works but also how Hypnosis works.

I’ll paraphrase the law rather badly here. “In a battle between the will and the imagination the imagination counters to the square of the will and the imagination always wins”.   

What this means is that every time you set up a battle between imagination and power will, and do so correctly, imagination will always win. There is no counter to this rule that is infallible in all instances.  

Whenever someone is in doubt about something the harder they try the more difficult it will become.

When spontaneous attention is concentrated on an idea, the sub-conscious tends to carry it out.


When the will tends to command or impose the imagination the imagination will win.