Are you suffering from driving test anxiety? Are you terrified of the thought of taking your driving test? Are you worried that you will fail your driving test?

If the answer to any one or more of these questions is “Yes” then Hypnotherapy could be the very thing you need to give you that confidence that you need to overcome  and to dispel all your  anxieties and to give you that confidence that you need to overcome all of your fears and anxieties.

When you are hypnotised and in the trance I will get you to see yourself leaving home on the day of your driving test, arriving at the test centre meeting the test examiner and then getting in your car and taking your driving test.

You will see yourself as being very calm and relaxed it will almost as if the driving examiner is one of you friends and you are on a day out with your friend without a care or worry in the world.

You will be driving your car just how you have been taught by your driving instructor. You will make no mistakes your concentration will be at its fullest while you are taking the driving test and above all you will be very calm and relaxed and fully alert to road conditions at all times.

So on the day of your driving test you will not have any anxieties and you will calm and relaxed and be fully confident that you can and will pass your driving test.

The cost of the session is just £40.

If you are interested in seeing how hypnotherapy can help you then please

telephone me on 01656 741679 to book an appointment.