I have been having enquiries about Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. My answer to this is it’s a fashion thing, a fad and another way of trying to get you to shell out more of your money. To do Gastric Band Hypnotherapy the Hypnotherapist will probably want you to have more than the one session which you will be paying for at X number of pounds for an X number of times. So you will end up shelling out more of your hard earned money then you need to.

The Gastric Band has a well know reputation of snapping or braking so what would happen for argument sake if you sub-conscious mind took it on board for some reason that your Hypnotherapy Gastric Band had Snapped? You would start to put on weight. And why would you put on weight because you have not changed your eating habit your sub-conscious has been and was tricked into thinking you have a gastric band.

The only way you will lose weight and keep it off is by changing your eating habits.  Ask yourself this if I am offering to give you weight loss Hypnotherapy at £40 for the one session and if you do not loss 1 stone within 28 days of seeing me I will give you a second session for FREE then why do some of the other hypnotherapist want you to have more than the one session (With some it’s 4 + sessions) if it’s not to get more money out of you.

There are a good number of Hypnotherapist out there like me that will offer weight loss in one session as well as smoking cessation in just the one session.

I have been qualified as a Hypnotherapist for 20 years.