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It has been known that under hypnosis some people regress to what appears to be a previous life. They not only assume another personality, they can describe details from the past that are completely unknown to them outside of the trance state.

Hypnotic Regression into alleged previous lives is one of the most exciting and fascinating of psychic phenomena – and one of the most frustrating. During the past 50 or so years it has been brought to the attention of the general public every so often by programmes on radio and television, articles in the press and books written either by hypnotist themselves or by collaborators working with them.

It is not generally realised that hypnotic regression into previous lives is not a recent discovery and has, in fact been studied for nearly a century. The work of pioneers in this field, much of it was lost because it was done long before the advent of the tape-recorder, is nevertheless valuable to students of reincarnation, whether they believe in it or not.

Travelling back in time.

Regression is positive in two further ways. The first is that obscure historical facts, apparently completely unknown beforehand to either the hypnotist or the subject and confirmed only after considerable research, are revealed in reply to general questions.

An example of this is shown by one of Joe Keeton’s subjects, Ann Downing an ordinary housewife who, during over 60 hours of regression, become Sarah Williams, an orphan living a life of utter squalor in Liverpool slum in the first half of the 19th century.

When asked what was happening in Liverpool in 1850. Ann Dowling mentioned the visit of a foreign singer whose name had “Summat to do wi a bird”. Research showed that Jenny Lind, the “Swedish Nightingale” on her way from Sweden to America, sang for two nights in Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in August 1850.

The second positive aspect of hypnotic regression is found in the tiny details of the past usage that slip naturally into the subject’s conversation while reliving the past life. These details might have been picked up by the subject in his or her present lifetime and held in his sub-conscious memory, but they are unlikely to have been formally taught or known to people of ordinary education.

During a 17th – century regression, David Lowe asked a woman how a certain word containing a “W” was spelt. Her spontaneous answer as “double V” – the common pronunciation of the letter at that time. This trivial detail was more telling to some listeners than all the researched dates and genealogies that substantiated the woman’s story, remarkable as these were. When asked if she were engaged (to be married), the subject failed to understand the modern expression, but later talked happily of her recent betrothal.

You can speak in another language. It’s on record of a German woman while in hypnotic regression starting to speak in English a language that she could not speak in her present life. She went on to tell of her life living in a village in England and told of her death and told of where she was buried and were her grave was in the church yard of the village church. Then researches from Germany came across from Germany they was able to find her grave exactly where she said it would be and her name and date of her birth and death was on the head stone.

In past life regression a male can be a female in that past life and a female can be a male.

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