The Hypnotic Sigh.

Entering or deepening trance may evoke a deep sigh, yawn, laugh or even cry. This energy release heralds the opening to the door of deep relaxation.

Deep Breathing.

In trance, breathing tends to be deep and shallow, much like regular sleep. Notice subtle changes in breathing.


The by-product of all hypnosis shows in the relaxed muscle tone of the limbs and face. You can lift the subject’s hand, and it dangles loose and limp and lazy like a loose rag doll. Feet splay apart if the subject is resting on their back.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

The eyes have it when it comes to trance. With closed lids, the eyes often go back and forth or flicker as they do in dream or REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Some people experience extra tearing and most have a temporary redness in the whites of the eyes or glazed look for a few minutes after opening the eyes following trance.

Changes In Body Temperature

If you touch the palm of the hand, you’ll discover that the temperature, while in trance, is either hot or cold and sometimes very moist.

The Inward Signs Of Hypnosis.

The inward signs of hypnosis include those listed as outward signs, the hypnotic sigh, deep breathing, relaxation, rapid eye movement (REM) and changes in body temperature, plus the following:

Feeling of total well being


Peace and calm and wellbeing are the most often reported feelings of the trance state.

Tingling sensation

Tingling in the fingers, toes or the limbs.

Often those entering or deepening trance experience a goose bump (pilomoter response) of the extremities or chills down the spin.

Light pattern

With closed eyes many see flashing lights. Patterns or vivid colours.

Lightness or heaviness of limbs.

Sensational awareness of floating or rising up. Others feel heavy and unable to budge.


Some say they feel like they leave their body.


Feeling like you just don’t want to move or exert any effort.


Feeling happier, brighter, with fewer problems.

Real time distortions

Time seems to slow down or speed up. An hour session usually feels like ten minutes. Yet the moment of now can seem to last forever.

Increased body awareness

In trance, your senses become finely perceptive and you become more aware of these senses. Some swallow more or are more attuned to body processes.