Past Life Hypnotic Regression is where you are hypnotised to enter a previous life. In this state of hypnosis you are able to see yourself in one or more of your previous lives. You may have been the opposite sex to what you are now. Now that’s when it becomes very interesting because I am speaking to a male/female and they will be answering back to me as the opposite sex to what they are in their present life now.
Depending on the information that is obtained it can be and has been possible to research and find out information on that person in that past life.
If you are interested in seeing who you were in a previous life why not book an appointment with me and you may if you wish have a friend come with you and they can if you wish record and video it for on your smart phone, etc., so you will be able to see yourself in the hypnotic trance and in your past life answering the questions that I will be asking you about yourself and your life etc. .
Now that you will find fascinating because not only will you remember everything when you come out of the trance you will also have a record of in to show all your friends and family.
My fee for past life regression is just £40.
Should you be unable to enter a past life I will not charge you any fee for my time.