The Menopause.

Are you SUFFERING from the symptoms of the Menopause, the change, the time of life?

The BBC News recently reported that some of the drugs that treat the Menopause are in short supply such as HRT and some women are worried about getting their prescription very month because of the shortage. If you are one of these ladies that’s worried  about getting your prescription  a session of Hypnotherapy could and may be the help you need to help you through the Menopause.

Hypnotherapy could be the very help you need to help stop many of those Symptoms

In the months or years leading up to menopause (perimenopause), you might experience these signs and symptoms: Irregular periods, Vaginal dryness, Hot flashes, Chills, Night sweats, Sleep problems, Mood changes, anxiety, Weight gain, and slowed metabolism, Thinning hair and dry skin, Loss of breast fullness.

My hypnotherapy session can help you take back control of your life I will also teach you self-hypnosis so you can cool down those hot flushes and night sweats, get rid of any anxiety’s, and mood changes in short get you to regain your life.

You will get a free consultation which last about ½ / ¾  hour the hypnotherapy session takes about 1 hour, hour + so please a lower 2 hours, as I do no rush my sessions because every client is different and their needs are different.

The cost of the treatment session is just £40. Before booking your appointment session please check out other hypnotherapist and their fees & and charges.

I do not take or handle any bookings over Facebook pages or messenger because due to privacy settings within Facebook/messenger there are concerns regarding the confidentiality of messages that are sent and the access of this information by Facebook/messenger. Also messages that are sent often don’t come through as primary messages and therefore aren’t notified. So to ensure your privacy and a speedy response by my Wife Kathy I recommend you to get in contact by telephone as it is far easier to book on the phone instead of going backwards and forwards messaging trying to get a time that is convenient for you and when we have a free slot available that convenient to you. If you message me and I am busy with clients it could be hours before I pick up your message and then you could lose an appointment time that you wanted.
So please telephone because you will not be given an appointment over the face book pages or messenger. All appointments must be made by Telephoning 01656 741679.